Recognition is an end to old success & beginning for a new achievement

It was a colourful celebration; people were at their best of the dress, everywhere laughter. People are exchanging wishes, hugs. It was festival for my eyes to watch that, few of them were getting ready to perform on dais. Few of them were indulged in talking about how they practiced, and few were making fun and creating a lighter atmosphere. Happiness was all around.

People were waiting on their toes to see the program begin. There was a crowd who were celebrating, the crowd was not an ordinary crowd, most of the gathering was entrepreneurs, Managing directors, CEO’s of an organisations. And their lovely families were present.

It was one of the beautiful, blissful, memorable evenings of my life. Because in front of this live crowd I was been called upon the dais, to recognise my growth.

I was overwhelmed, I went on the dais and got appreciations for my growth and achievements. I was going through mixed feelings a kind of a pride and a kind of responsibility. I came down the dais and sat. There were many entertaining programs which took over the crowd’s attention but something was running behind my mind which was not settled yet.

In the same evening including me many of them got recognised for achievement. Few of them got recognised for their old achievements. Few of them for their recent achievements.

What struck me was, if I get recognition in future or coming year, what should i be recognised for? For my new achievements or same old achievements?

Suddenly my attention was pulled towards dais, someone was speaking after being recognised they were talking about how they worked hard to get this success and they were talking about the success, which was 5 years old.

Soon I was pulled back to my workshop that‘s my mind, I started thinking. If someone talking about the success that is 5 years ago then all this 5 years there is not even a single achievement which they can talk about.

So, all these 5 years he/she was stagnant. Many of us are like this. We hold on to the 10 years, 5 years, 2 years old success and keep on talking about it repetitively to make ourselves feel that even now we are successful.

I am not talking about whether one should speak or shouldn’t speak about old success. But what I realised was “any success gets over or become zero once it’s recognised”.

Let me explain, why do we want to be successful or why do we crave for success?

There are many reasons we want to explore our potential and the primary reason is we want to get recognised in our circle, society, in family and among friends.

Someone has said so beautifully that: “a child will cry for the milk and an adult will die for recognition”.

Recognition is so powerful; it will make a useless person to achieve. A blunt person can become super smart, why should we waste it.  So, I decided to be responsible and proud for my achievements and success.

If I am recognised anywhere in future and I have to address the crowd, I will have my ‘new’ story of achievement and success and learning’s.

Recognition is very powerful. but, every recognition should end the old story and create a new platform for upcoming achievement and create a new future for us.




Sathya Narayan V R

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