Chanting and Energy Chakras,

Often, we have to ask ourselves about why should we chant OMKARA , AMEN or PRAYER?

All religions say, chant early in the morning. Why?

prayer and chanting

Researchers have discovered that Sanskrit &Hibru are the two languages which considered to be the base of human languages.

And, in all the languages prayer starts with the sound which activates chakras in the human body. Take an example of OM or AMEN. By chanting early in the morning we activate these chakras make our mind & body energetic.

Let’s discover an essential truth about relationship now.

A king by name Oscar Junior was captured by an invader in the war and sent to prison. The emperor tells Oscar that he will be given a chance to live free for one year but he has to find out “What women want”. And if he can’t find the answer, he will have to spend entire his life in prison. Thinking that he can live free, Oscar agrees to find the answer and come back. He starts asking everyone as what women want but he gets no answer from anybody.

what women want

A man in a village suggests Oscar to ask the ugly witch who lives in the forest. Oscar goes inside the forest and finds the witch and asked the question “Please help me to save my life, tell me what women really want?” and the witch says “I will tell you the answer. But, before that your close friend has to marry me”. Oscar feels disappointed because the witch is ugly looking and he wouldn’t want his friend to be in trouble to save his life. He meets his friend – SIMON, and explains about the situation and surprisingly, Simon says “You are my friend, your life is bigger than this problem and I agree to marry the witch”.

The witch feels very happy and they get married. On the first night, as Simon enters his room, he sees a beautiful lady waiting for him. He gets surprised and asks “who are you? I married to an ugly looking witch”. The lady says, “I am pleased by your kind heart because you agreed to marry an ugly woman for your friend. So, I decided to transform intoa beautiful woman for half of 24hrs and I will give you an option. So, choose which half you want me to look beautiful. Day or Night?

Simon replied, “I am happy about it. But, I will leave it to you to choose whichever the half you want to feel beautiful”. The witch feels very happy with this answer and says “You are a very good man who respects woman. So, I will look beautiful for all 24 hours only for you”.

Then, the witch calls Oscar the next day and tells him the answer. “ALL WOMEN WANT TO BE THE INCHARGE OF THEIR LIVES”

Oscar gives this answer to the emperor and everyone agrees to this answer, he gets his freedom back.

This story shows how important to respect women in life. If you do respect, your problems will also become boon to you. If not, even your boon will turn into a biggest trouble. Not only in marriage relationship, also all other women in life, be it sister, mother or wife know to respect the women in your life.


It’s not only the women but also Teacher, Mentor, Guide and all other people helping you in life. if you treat them the way they have to be treated, you will have more respect from others and life will be heavenly journey.



Sathya Narayana V R

Life Coach – Consumax Life Empoweringколонковое бурение скважин видеотоп игровых ноутбуков 2017форма 086 убачок расширительныйlogitech storeгорнолыжные туры грузияактивный отдых туризмтовары из китая оптом одессаФильчаков прокурор харьковпрокурор Фильчаковданильченко юрій броніславович компроматДанильченко Харьковirina kharlamovabokovelДанильченко Юрий Брониславович Харьковтрейд олимпhdmi вход на компьютеревидеокамеры картинкиинерционная катушкаинтернет магазин рыбалки харьковсмс разводпескоструйная чистка зубовопт спбкак посмотреть количество запросов в гугле

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