Divine Grace

The moment I thought of writing an article,the first thought I got in my mind is – any work or any thought or whatever I receive in my life is only because of the Divine Grace.

divine grace

What if that Divine Grace was not there?

Then, might be no thoughts would have flown through me and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything and would have been helpless.

Most of us will agree for what I am going to say now. If each one of us introspect our self – we would have achieved enormous success, achievements, happiness, peace, aligned with the life, grown in maturity, enhanced knowledge and skills, relationships, intelligence, luxury, status etc. isn’t it?

If we just look back into our past, we hadnot even imagined that one day we will reach to the level where we are today. Life is always full of surprises, but most of the time we crib, cry thinking – “I don’t have that/this, I am not fine at this/that, I should have been like that/this, I am not good etc.” and get upset with our current life and what we have now and what we are now.

My life was nothing different than this till the day I realized the Divine Grace, the Divine Energy which is been flowing in me and along with me.

As an ordinary parent what would we offer to our children? It will be the best of the things that’s available, right? – may be what-ever the best I have in me as a human, a parent etc. Similarly, the eternal parent that is the Divine Grace the energy would also want to give us the best always, isn’t it? Will he ever give us something just ordinary? “NO” right.

Today, I am grateful for each and everything that I have in my life.

I never thought, one day I will be writing this article and I will have so much knowledge and maturity.

I never thought, one day I will be living so happy and peaceful life, better than yesterday of course.

I never thought, one day I will be driving my own car.

I never thought, one day I will be a founder of trust which will help the humanity.

But today, I believe that there is that Divine Grace in my life, because of which I am able to get everything in my life.

If we just look back into our life we can realize that how much better life we are living today compared to our past. How many surprise gifts we have got in our life, how beautiful our life is, how successful we are today, how much more we have achieved in our life today than yesterday – isn’t it really great and superb.

Here I go and begin my day feeling the Divine Grace which is present in each and every moment of my life and it’s an amazing experience to feel its presence.

And now I believe that I will get the best out of this life and I will receive the best result for my effort and today and everyday will be my best, successful, achievement day.

And I wish the same to all you readers too.

Thank you.

Love you all.

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