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Faith Story: 5 friends were travelling through a thick forest and they lost their way. It was getting dark and cloudy, they noticed the weather is getting bad. Thunder storm followed by heavy rain started immediately, they all took shelter under an old canopy and waiting for the rain to stop. But it started pouring heavily and thunder bolts were almost hitting canopy, all 5 of them started feeling scared as it was a very weak and old canopy.

One of them sat for meditation and rest 4 started discussing about their fate. One of them said, one of us must be a sinner and that is why we are stuck in this situation and we need to find out who is the sinner amongst us so rest will be saved. As they were discussing, they decided to test and identify the sinner.

There was a big people tree just some yards from the canopy and they decided that each one of them will walk to the tree, touch it and come back. If the person is a sinner, thunder bolt will hit the tree and he will be punished. Everyone has agreed to this and first person started walking towards the tree, he was scared and trembling with fear but still went and touched the tree and came back.

2nd and 3rd person were also went successfully and the 4th one was really scared and shivering. He asked the fifth person who was doing meditation to get up and explained the test. He said, I’m ready to take this test and he walked to the tree. As soon he touched the tree, a strong thunderbolt hit but not the tree, it hit the canopy and all 4 of them were dead.

It’s one person’s divine energy and faith was saving all 4 of them but when they questioned the faith, they paid the price of their lives.

Most of the people always believe in their doubts rather their strengths. For example: if we have to wake up early in the morning to go somewhere, we don’t believe that we can wake up or we believe we can’t wake up with only one alarm.

So we keep multiple alarms and even ask someone to call us at specific time to wake up. This is a small instance which shows how much faith we have on ourselves.

Then, What is faith?

It is an invisible part of life which controls what we get and we don’t

We see lot of people successful but sometimes, they fail in life.

This happens because they lose faith in the journey due to circumstances and situations.

Intelligent mind always finds logical definitions to have faith or helps to develop faith. But if we notice, whatever we believe in will become reality

If you recall all your achievements of your life, you will see that all your dreams came true or you got what you wanted because you believed in your dream and you had unbreakable faith about your self.

Faith of self will make everything possible.

Faith is developed over a period of time. During initial days of starting anything, it feels exciting and faith builds very strong but slowly it starts decreasing due to lack of results. Faith has to be very strong within which can alone build everything.

A short story which explains the strength of faith;

A big bazaar caught fire and everything in the market was burnt. Every one was crying and shattered but there was a guy who had a store, put up a board “Everything is burnt but FAITH IS ALIVE”

Learn not only what is being taught but, what is not being taught as well. Faith is in everything.

Customer buying products/services for faith, we can re-gain faith in almost everything, Start checking every area of life.

If you have lost faith in family, start working on that area.

If you have lost faith in business, check where you lost your faith.

If you have lost faith in money, go back and earn lot of money. These things will help to re-gain faith.

Everyone stores faith in different places, god or people. Where do you go or what do you do when you feel you have lost faith in everything? That is where your faith is stored. Check/identify and develop it into bigger picture. Faith in everything and faith in people


A Snake and Woman

If we start believing in anything, it will either work for us or against us.

There was a woman who had a dream that a snake is living inside her stomach and she trembled and woke up. She believed it so much that she even started feeling snake moving in her stomach. Every day she started feeling it stronger and she started believing it is growing every day.

She went to the doctor and did all diagnostics but reports were all clean. Doctors tried to convince her about the same but she wasn’t ready to hear anything about it and she strongly believed, she has a snake inside her body.A surgeon was called, he was a clever doctor and understood that she has physiological issue. Doctor went to the lady and did all the tests and assured her that a surgery will be done and a snake will be removed.

Next day, surgeon arranged for an operation and gave anesthetic medicine and mocked surgery. He asked fellow doctor to get a dead rat snake from somewhere and kept it next to her bed. When the lady woke up, she saw the snake and she felt so relieved and thanked the doctor whole heartedly and went home. But, a small girl came to see her and asked a question.

Anyway the snake is removed from your body, but what if it has put eggs in your stomach?

Now, she got scared and started thinking about it again. Slowly started believing in it again…. Now, Imagine what would happen.


Now, let’s see some questions which we encounter most of the times.

How faith is developed? Is it after we see results or after we build faith that we see results?

On what basis faith is built? When?

How to hold on to faith?

Why people lose faith?

Is faith built based on outside influences or inside? Why differences of opinion about faith?

Faith is a feeling;it is always built by feeling good about every situation, every person or every event.

Faith is an ability to see an unseen side of every event.

Faith develops from inside, we always keep it protected for our good.

Faith is what we need to develop from inside and it should always keep growing.

Every event is an opportunity

  1. To learn something
  2. To correct something
  3. To create feeling or break something.

Be in un-settled zone. Never get settled, never get into secure zone.

Have faith with intelligence, look at everything as just an event and find opportunities to learn, correct or create something new.


Consumax – Creating powerful and peaceful Humanity

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