Feedback or Feed forward

George was a young and very passionate guy about painting; it was the day of his results.He was eagerly waiting to know the results and George was passed in his painting exam with 1st rank.

He was pertinent and there was no limit to his happiness. He wanted to test his ability in painting and he thought about doing something about it.

He painted his first art, he went and kept it in the park and there was a small note written and kept with painting.It was written like this: “this is my first painting after I passed out my painting class, so if there is any mistake put a cross mark by brush and color which has kept here”.

Next day, early morning he rushed to park to see his painting and for a moment he was shocked and it was unbelievable!that his painting was filled with cross marks all over and the painting was not visible at all. He thought “I passed in first rank and how can be my painting is completely wrong?” He took that painting and showed his master and shared the incident happened.

The master said, your painting is really good. But, the note you have written has to be modified and he said, “do the same painting as you did the first time and write, this is my first painting, if there is any improvement please mark it, brush and color have kept there” and later George went and kept the painting in the same place and next day morning he came and saw the painting, there was not even a single improvement done, people just came and saw the painting and just left.

What can you learn out of this story?

When George asked to write what was not right, everybody started pointing out mistakes.But when asked to improve no one turned up. Feedback is important to excel to next level, but we should know whom to ask for it. More importantly feedback has to be given to the action and not to the person.

How are you doing in business, family, life? Will you go and ask anybody for feedback for what you are doing is right or wrong? Is there any improvement/ anything else can be added?

Why don’t we take feedback?

Coz we are egoists and always we think“I am right, why should ask somebody if it is right or not?” and there are few people who operates their life with low self-image and they always think how can I ask somebody, will they help me?

Always learn to take feedback, but make sure the person from whom you are taking the feedback is speaking genuinely out of experience and it shouldn’t be just a vent out for them.

If somebody is thinking about you means they are releasing the energy for you. Go, and take the feedback to energize yourself.

One of the feedbacks changed the life of Sathya, the way he thinks and started to enjoy complete life. Always Sathya thought “how I can make this feedback help me to grow to next level”. He took feedback consistently and he never ignored anyone’s remarks.

Do you also want to lead a growing and balanced life? Then scale up those whom you look up to.

Feedback should not be given when someone is already down, crying or hurt. It’s of no use. Always give feedback for prepared mind and only about improvements.

Many times, even when we notice that a friend is in wrong path, we don’t guide them thinking that friendship may get spoiled and later when friend’s life spoils, we start feeling for them. What is important? friendship or friend?

Give feedback on regular basis be ityour friends, relatives, family orneighbors, then you will really make difference in their life.

“Feedback is for feed forward”

“Criticism is to condemn”

There is a recent incident in newspaper that Veena instrument master has hit his wife and sister- in- law in a rod and killed them. What could have made him to take such violent action?it’s because he did not have control over hisanger/emotions.

If somebody would have told him to have control on his emotions, he probably wouldn’t have done that.
How can you give feedback?

By observing, observe people where are they standing and where can they improve upon.

By developing your ability to observe, your awareness also will grow. In one of the session we have learnt the best thing in the world is ‘awareness’.

One of the students of Consumax gave the feedback and today the entire Consumax operations itself has evolved to the next level.

When somebody is giving the feedback, receive it gracefully and do the same while giving as well, ask yourself how many times you have received the feedback.

We human beings are interconnected. Start from today, now itself to your spouse, children, family, relatives, neighbors and friends to give feedback.


One of your words can change somebody’s life.



Sathyanarayana V R

Life Coach – Consumax  Life Empoweringлучшие планшеты для игркупить справку о болезни задним числом 259какой процессор лучше для игрового ноутбукакупить раздвижную дверь перегородкудвери регионов стальныенаписать смс через интернет бесплатноандорра турыкотёл отопительныйтопкарго отзывtopcargo отзывАлександр Фильчаков ВасильевичАлександр Фильчаковtrans siberienотопительные трубыseo этолобановский александр игоревичопцион пут и коллкупить компьютер ноутбукбинарные опционы регистрацияmnogoshinзубы разрушаются у деснынасос dab ss8payperprofitsстатистика поисковых запросов яндекс

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