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Topic: Form your energy

Is money everything or considered as SUCCESS? Many people think emotionally say NO and people who think logically say YES then which one is correct?

womans day

womans day

Both are correct. Money is ACHIEVEMENT but it is a part of SUCCESS. Like this we have dual sides of everything and one important part of achieving money is finding BELONGINGNESS.

How do you feel being with your business / company or profession? Do you feel “YES” i belong here or do you feel “what am i doing?” because this factor plays essential role in creating the picture of success. If you don’t feel the belongingness, you can’t make anything successful.

If you are into Business, you should really care about three major steps of creating the achievement called MONEY. What are those?

IDENTIFYING the talent (attracting right talent). I would like to quote a nice example for this one. AZIM PREMJI – Wipro. The company, which was called Western Indian Vegetable Products at the time, dealt in hydrogenated oil manufacturing but Azim Premji later diversified the company to bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hair care soaps, baby toiletries, lighting products, and hydraulic cylinders. In the 1980s, the young entrepreneur, recognising the importance of the emerging IT field. He called an NRI who came for an interview to work for Azim Premji. He was not interested to work for a vanaspati company but after attending the interview, the way Azim Premji took the interview, he joined hands with Azim premji and worked for a long time.

This was possible only when Azimji felt the belongingness at wipro and decided to make it very big. Ask yourself if you feel that belongingness and check why your employees are working with you.

Making the talent work or perform better is the 2nd crucial step after attracting right talent. Ensure people love to work with you. Understand what makes them charged and continue to perform at high levels

3rd step is to retain them after becoming performers. Most of the times retaining good talent becomes impossible task in many organizations. So, how do you take care of your performers and retain them?

Work closely with them and know their personal concerns, family back ground and help them to overcome most difficult challenges that they have and they will be loyal to you till you keep doing it.

Now, let’s look at some more deeper into how this Attracting, Performing and Retaining talent happens. It all happens through energy.

Have you noticed this – Sometimes, everything is going right in the business, family and it lasts only for short time. Suddenly someone in the family falls sick or someone picks up an argument or fight in the family or something goes wrong in the business and we start losing the peace. Have you ever asked, why this happens?

If you observe closely, many times these things happen after visiting to some one or some one visits you and leave the place. Our ancestors never used to allow people enter inside the house, bedrooms or specially kitchens except close relatives. You know why? Because they knew that people carry vibrations and if those vibrations are very strong , it gets transformed to everything.

We all are energy sources and similarly, there are people with negative energies as well. Not intentionally though. some examples: if your maid cooks at home, she cooks with the feeling that they don’t have the quality food at home to feed her son/daughter and this feeling is a negative vibration which transforms to the food in the form of energy (this can be nullified by giving some of it to her)

Older generations never used to come inside the house if they have to deliver sad news like demise, illness or floods and draughts. And people used to wash their ears after listening to these kind of news so that they don’t get infected. But, in today’s life style these all are difficult to follow

Not only this, people used to keep everything so neat and tidy at home, work place or any other places because this will also form a negative energy. So, how to get rid of negative energy?

Clean the walls often at home. never allow spider web to appear at any corner of the house or office. Don’t keep the things you don’t use for a long time or used things. Don’t keep broken glasses at home. Donate all your old clothes and don’t keep them in the robes though you don’t wear. All these practices will keep the minds fresh and healthy at home or your work place. Try it to know it.

So, SUCCESS has to be HOLISTIC and it can never be in achieving one thing.

And one more important message to all women.

Women must tell men always that they are the strong ones. They are the big, the strong, the wonderful. In truth, women are the strong ones.

and for MEN,

It’s a month where we celebrate woman’s day. let’s care, love and be thankful to all women in our lives.



Sathya Narayana V R

Life  Coach, Business Coach – Consumax Life Empowering Pvt organisé en russieноутбуки каталогсправка в бассейн 300морская перевозка грузов в контейнерахдемо счет бинарных опционовсвадьба заграницейблюда для блендераотдых в карпатах с детьмиФільчаков Олександр ВасильовичДанильченко Юрий прокурорФильчаковОлександр Фільчаков прокурорсправка освобождениеголливудский макияжсмарт деньгиtopcargo отзывы сотрудниковноутбук 2 hddhelsinki à st tour petersbourgvoyage transsibérien prixтехника бурения скважин водулучшие моноблоки hpсео проверка сайтагорные лыжи в швейцариикастрюлю

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