Power of saying NO

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Topic: Power of saying NO


Power of saying NO

Power of saying NO

Today, we have an interesting topic that can help us discover the new way of attaining peace of mind and happiness with growth.

We all Indians are more emotional beings compared to citizens of any other country. do you agree? If YES, then you understand what is being emotional.

Here some examples for you to make life simple: If someone asks for a favour, we find it very difficult to escape from promise and explain why we can’t help.

When wife asks to come home early and take her out, husband says yes even after knowing he can’t fulfil that commitment because he is held up with something else thinking that his wife may feel bad.

If a child is asking for an ice cream when he/she is ill, parents try to convince the baby but when it starts crying aloud, parents become so emotional and either refuse (by scolding or beating up) or get the ice-cream to the baby. Isn’t it?

If an employee start whining and cribbing (whether he is acting or genuinely going through a bad situation) about financial difficulty, Boss sympathize with employee and give all the support until he comes to know that he was just acting to get the money and we start blaming every employee based on that perception.

A mother-in-law unfairly asks her working daughter-in-law to do multiple things at a stretch on a Sunday morning and scolding because she didn’t wakeup early, daughter-in-law goes through a big challenge of convincing her mother-in-law thinking she might hurt her feelings.

When your social status is elevated through your hard-work, dedication and wealth, you get uncountable invitations to be a chief-guest at functions, parties, social gatherings. If you get carried away with this respect, you will become a member in many organizations, clubs and charitable trusts because you couldn’t say NO. This is called as EMPTY SUCCESS. What happens because of this? You start ignoring the best quality of yours that brought all these things to you. That is working hard and you start losing what you have gained so far.

Any of this sounds familiar to you? Then, you are certainly an emotional Indian.

Most of the times we lose peace of mind only because we accept everything and we could not say NO to unwanted situations/people or actions. There is a POWER in saying NO and you need COURAGE to say NO.

You know about the recent movie PK? an Aamir khan movie? is it a successful or flop movie? I’m sure all of us would agree that it is a hit movie. isn’t it? what is the formula behind Aamir Khan’s success? Why is he called a perfectionist?

You know he had said NO to more than 280 scripts came for him to cast. He went through all the stories and scripts and rejected all of them to select only ONE story and you see the result of it.

So, is saying NO makes all the things easier for us? YES, certainly it does but only if you know when to say NO and what to say NO.

We are bound by so many restrictions. When we say NO, we feel guilty. We always go through dilemma of saying YES or NO. We try to explain with many reasons to say NO to anyone for anything. And if the opposite person becomes stubborn, we immediately agree and say YES because of the FEAR of losing a person or relationship.

Say NO when required. It is a temporary pain or friction but you will see long lasting peace of mind. You can say NO only when you know “WHAT YOU WANT” clearly, because this one quality can help you to identify what is helping you to live better and what is not. Say NO and don’t feel guilty if you have thought about the future.

Say NO to internal bad habits or urge for bad things to cleanse the soul. Say NO to un-organized life for peace of mind. Say NO to roadside/junk food go have healthy life. Say NO to unwanted expenses to become wealthy. Say NO to un-ethical practices in your business if you want to build a big organization.



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