Purpose of life & Growth

Purpose of life & Growth

Why do you do anything you are doing now?

Purpose of life & Growth

Purpose of life & Growth

You may have too many reasons to continue with what you are doing now but, DO YOU HAVE ONE OBJECTIVE to accomplish? Why do we need an objective?

Any action or journey will have fluctuations, difficulties and many challenges to confront before we reach any of our goals and in this process, there will be many situations that make us diverted from the purpose and lose interest to continue the same action. This will be the biggest reason for failure or non-achievement.

If the purpose is set, it is easy to accomplish anything. What is the difference between purpose and accomplishment?

For example: Why are you working in your present job or business? This question will make you think about the purpose. You may get lot of answers but you have to identify one purpose of taking any actions. If the purpose is to earn enough money to build own house, all the actions should be directed towards the purpose and when you have built your home, that will be the accomplishment.
Defining what you want from every action will give you firm decision and you will accomplish desired goal by following the firm decision.

Why do we eat every day?
It is to fill stomach and satisfy hunger. So, we all know that food is required for generating energy and it is a source of energy. Isn’t it? But, sometimes we suffer from bad stomach, acidity and the same food is the reason for the illness. It is clear that even food can become poison if not understood or eaten with awareness.
We all know, Mind is more vulnerable than physical body. Mind gets corrupted in just a second or by just a single word. Body can be healed but not the mind. We all know mind is very powerful that it can achieve anything. But, that is possible only when mind is fed with right food. If we keep on feeding wrong food without awareness and expect right things to happen, it is foolishness.

We must ask this question. Are we feeding right food to our mind? What are the sources of food for mind? What are the factors that we need to understand about feeding right food to mind? here is the answers

Mind gets food from following sources.
1. Environment

Most of us grown from poor financial environment in families. This will have an impact even after we grow to certain extent in life. Environment is the foundation for entire life because whatever we learn during 0-10years of age will build a belief system. Since most of us have seen difficult life at early stages of life, we live in the same mental environment. for ex: looking for low cost products, bargaining for everything and feeling sad to spend money these are the mental environment developed because of poverty.
How to change it? as generally said, we have to start thinking rich. not only that really!.. then what is the food for mind? We have to experience richness. So, change the inner environment and change experiences.

We all work by ourselves for everything from the childhood. We become very good at working on something assigned to us but we fail to make someone work for us and this builds a conditioning that only what if i work, things will happen or nothing goes well. it is a belief and keep working with this belief even after starting career or business.
Give your mind a belief of making most of your time by delegating regular works and that is food for mind.

Limited Beliefs.
We got many conditions in mind. Like, I am unchangeable, I am always right or I can’t earn lot of money and so on…
whole country is growing and because of only our beliefs, we struggle to get what we want and this is another limiting factor which is fed to mind. So, what is the new food that you have to fee to your mind? change these limited beliefs into Unconditional faith

What is our education system teaching us?
Education system is not only academics, it is everything we learn from anyone around us. The system teaches Hard work is the only way to succeed in life. But, it does not teach us what kind of hard work should be done. More than hard work we have to work right! Working right is nothing but understanding what action can give you the growth you want to achieve. Because there are millions of people believe in hard work but they work hard throughout their lives yet live poor.
Change this Hard work to WORK RIGHT by defining purpose and accomplishment.

Anyone who has started life from poor background starts a business and makes it successful to a certain extent of earning little more than enough money to lead life will make him SATISFIED businessperson. This will only make him stagnant and not to enhance his business further. Stay hungry is the only food that you can give to your mind for continuous improvement.
There are many other factors which make us not to have purpose in life and growth becomes a mere luck. Turn all challenges into opportunities by asking a simple question; WHAT MORE CAN I DO FOR ANYTHING. Life is enjoyable when you build it with SELF-MASTERY.

Sathya Narayana V R
Life Coach – Consumax Life Empowering Pvt Ltd.requirements for egg donationfreepbx русификацияудаление зубачто нужно знать перед приездом в канадукакую смарт тв приставку выбратьгазовые котлытуры в индию на февральнавесной газовый котелДанильченко Харьковtopcargo кидалылобановский александр харьковФильчаков прокурор харьковасапоги днепропетровскАлександр Фильчаков Васильевичвок москвагугл адвордсамое эффективное отопление частного домашумоизоляция в межкомнатные дверисмс рассылка через интернетшнур рыболовныйсетки для рыбалкикак подобрать наличники для дверейОлександр Фільчаков прокуроротзывы Данильченко Юрий

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