Sports Car and Anger

A story that describes close relationship between desire and anger.

John was only son of his richest father, every time while passing through a car showroom which had displayed red sports car and all time john used visualize him driving that car to the collage to receive his convocation certificate and same thing he has expressed to his father as well but there was no response from his father.

Most awaiting day had come. john was coming down towards dining table where his father was also having breakfast, he came and sat next to his father and asked his father for the key but father dint say anything but he gave the box which gift wrapped, son was thinking papa has brought the car but he wants gift something else as well and unwrapped that box and it was bible, the son got annoyed and got very angry on his dad. He said,“Papa, every Sunday I go to church and I do my prayers even though you are giving me the bible instead of car key, you have made a lot of money, can’t you gift one car to your only son?”  He screamed at his father and left the house forever.

As john was very intelligent started his own business, got married and had a kid and he was leading a decent life. After some time he started missing his father and started to worry that he will be alone and by this time he would have got old, nobody is there to take care of him. I should not have left the house just because of one car.

By the same time he receives a telegram and it was written that your father is no more start immediately. John was shocked to see this letter and rushed into his father house, all the relatives, office staff, police, lawyer and father’s secretary everybody were standing outside.

John went inside and saw his father and he could not control and started remembering last interaction which he had with his father, same stair case, dining table, Showcase and inside that showcase half unwrapped bible has been kept.  He took that in his hand started turning the page suddenly something fell down from the book and it was the car key wit tag of red sports car of fully paid and congratulations.

He just turned to his manager and manager said, yes and he rushed to his garage and red sports car was parked. That day itself father had brought the car but he wanted to give the key by keeping in bible.

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