Student and Teacher’s glory

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Topic: Student and Teacher’s glory

Date: 06-09-2014

Student and Teacher

Student and Teacher

Have you observed any child? It does not have a conscious about day, time or worries. Children are always energetic and excited about everything they see. For ex: if you give a chocolate to a child and say do not eat it today. However, you can eat tomorrow. Child will only keep if for a couple of minutes or not even that. It will immediately open the wrapper and eats it. Similarly, child does not hold any grudges or hate against anyone. it always smiles back when someone smiles because child always be in present. A child is a good teacher and a student. We can enjoy every moment of life only when we are living in present.

Talking about learning, let’s hear a story from Mahabharat.

Once a boy wanted to learn archery and he wanted to become the best archer. He heard that Dronacharya is the best teacher. So, he always dreamt about learning archery only from Dronacharya. He told his father about his desire. But, the father said, it is not possible because hastinapur is far away and Dronacharya is the teacher for royal family.

The boy decided to learn from only Dronacharya, starts travelling towards hastinapur. After a lot of struggle, he reaches hastinapur and sees many people practicing archery. A wise man standing there, observing everyone. Boy looks at him, feels the energy & aura around this person and identifies Dronacharya immediately. Dronacharya asks him “who are you?” what do you want?

This boy presents his desire to become a disciple of Dronacharya and learn archery but Dronacharya refuses to teach him saying, “I only teach royal family of hastinapur and i can’t teach you”. He returns disappointed. With a strong will, he goes to forest & build a statue of Dronacharya and starts practicing archery. With his strong determination, the boy becomes the best archer in some time. And he is called EKALAVYA.

One day, while he is practicing, a dog starts barking aloud which disturbs him. To stop dog barking, he hits 7 arrows at a time which becomes an object to cover dog’s mouth without hurting the dog and the dog runs away. On the same day, Dronacharya comes to forest with all his disciples to teach hunting. The same dog crosses him and he gets very curious about the arrows covered it’s mouth. Dronacharya starts searching for the man who did this and he finds Ekalavya. Drona asks “who is your teacher?” & Who are you?

Ekalavya all excited to see his teacher appear in front of him. he bows down to Drona and says, “you are my teacher, Guruji. I made your statue and started learning archery”

Arjuna, who was standing next to Dronacharya, feels jealous and says “Guruji, you broke your promise of teaching only royal family by teaching him & he has become the best archer than me”.

Dronacharya, with the calm tone asks Ekalavya. Since you have learned archery from me, you have to pay GURU DAKSHINA to me. This makes Ekalavya very happy that “Dronacharya has accepted me as his disciple.” and he assures to pay anything. Dronacharya asks him, “Give me your right thumb finger as a GURU DAKSHINA.” everyone looks at Guruji with the shocked faces.

Ekalavya, without even thinking for a second, takes out a knife, cuts his right thumb finger, and gives it to Dronacharya with gratitude. Everyone around go speechless. All gods appear and blessed him to be known as a best archer forever.

What we can learn from this story? just think.. Dronacharya is known as the best teacher in the world because of Ekalavya. So, If you are a seeker, everyone is a giver.

Zen says “When the student is ready, teacher appears”

Today, if we think about learning anything, we start doing case study on reviews, teachers, and feedback on the teacher. We also try to know qualifications of the teacher, evaluate capabilities as well. Which is not bad but, only by surrendering to the teacher, we can experience the real energy of the teacher.

Become the best student like Ekalavya, if you are the BEST, there will be no competition for you at anything. Surrender to the teacher but not the person. Because, it’s not the teacher’s glory that shines, Teacher shines because of the student’s glory.

For example,

Dronacharya became the best teacher because of Arjuna’s glory.

Be the BEST STUDENT of LIFE and life will shine.



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Sathya Narayana V R

Life Coach

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