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Topic: LOVE & LIVE

Let’s start with the story today.

Love & Live

Love & Live

A Businessman goes into deep financial losses and he becomes depressed and thinks about committing suicide sitting on a park bench. He keeps thinking different ways of killing himself. Meanwhile an old man come to him and asks “why are you sitting like this?” but Businessman does not reply to his question, this old man is so persistent that he says “tell me what is the your problem and i can solve it, I am WARREN BUFFET”. Businessman feels he can share his trouble and he explains everything to the old man. After listening to everything, old man opens a cheque book and gives a cheque worth 1 million dollars and says “use this money and if you become successful, you can return it to me or you can keep it”.

Businessman feels happy but he starts thinking, “why should i use this money, this is not mine” and he starts thinking about what is the real problem and how can he come out of it through planning and action. Finally, he decides not to use the money and set up an action plan and works on it. He successfully clears all his loans in 6 months and set up a successful business. Then he comes back to the same park and sits on the same bench, expecting the old man to appear to handover his cheque. An old man comes running into the park and 2 people dressed in white clothes are chasing him. Businessman asks this old man “what happened and why are you running?” mean while others hold the old man and asks businessman “Did he say, he can help you? and he is warren buffet and did he give you a cheque?” Businessman says “YES, but what happened?”. People dressed in white say “This guy is a retard and he keeps escaping from mental hospital next door and comes to this park, then he start giving cheque leaf to people like this”

What do you understand from this story?

Everything was there inside the Businessman, but he had lost faith. He didn’t believe that there is support available outside and he was struggling to love himself. The moment he regained the faith inside, he didn’t need help. It is only the faith of getting support from outside made him to gain the confidence and guts to change his life.

A biggest limitation that all humans have is “we never know the value of anything until we lose it” Love for self is also the same, and the story above is just an example. Not only our feelings, if we don’t love self, we knowingly ignore health, relationships & responsibilities. so, LOVE YOURSELF.

What is LOVE?


A mother always cares for her child no matter how the child is. A sister asks her brother “why are you looking so dull? let’s go for dinner or i’ll cook something for you? A brother consoles his younger/elder brother by saying “don’t worry, i’ll help you solve this problem” and in the same way – husband, in-laws & everyone shower love on us.

But, we keep definitions about love based on many perceptions and expectations. Everyone expects someone else to express love towards them. But, everyone also feels “i don’t have to say it. he / she has to understand, Love is not expressed directly” isn’t it?

Everyone has their own ways of showing love to someone they care for. But we all expect something else and crib about it without understanding the expressions. even GOD loves us but we blame him when we run into difficulties. so, LOVE EVERYONE around you.

for ex: When a child starts crawling for the first time and trying to reach a toy, parents keep that toy little far so that the child should learn to stretch itself, isn’t it? God is a father who knows his child can stretch and reach to anything it wants so he gives small successes very soon and makes us go through difficulties to get bigger things in life.

When you LOVE LIFE, there is always uncertainty & insecurity, no one lives life without challenges and challenges make us stronger and break the limitations, comfort zones and bring better life. so LOVE CHALLENGES.

LOVE OTHERS by listening to them without any distractions and express your love and care for them. If you don’t express your love, no one will come to know about it because it’s human limitation.

Some other ways we see the expressions of love are

If a boss pays salary to all his employees on time, he loves his employees. If an employee come to office on all working days without any excuses or despite of health issues, he loves his job and his work.

A child asked god “if everything is written in my fate, why should i prey again?” and god said “Son, it’s true but also in the same page, i have also written “LIVE AS YOU WISH”

So LIFE is always what you make of it. give maximum LOVE to everyone in life so that you can also LIVE AS YOU WISH.



Sathyanarayana V.R.

Founder & Life Coach – Consumax Life Empowering Pvt Ltd.туроператор по индонезии балиотправить смс бесплатно на мтсimmigrationsonce again about the legitimacy of gender selection in ivfкаталог ноутбуков asusтовары из китая купитьчто такое котелбесплатные смс на оАлександр ФильчаковФільчаков Олександр ВасильовичФильчаков прокуратура харьковлобановский александр интервьюrussian travelprodvijeniebinarium отзывыолимп трейдингдвери ульяновские межкомнатные отзывы профсоюзная 96kazan todaylenovo ideapad ценакупить двери фабрики дворецкийсинус лифтинг нижней челюстисовременные гаджеты в подарокмеждународная экспресс доставка каргобуковель раннее бронирование

Parenting & Challenges

We all have many things in common as human beings and parenting is another phase of life. What if there was no parenting at all in this world? so, what is the best way of parenting?

Parenting & Challenges

Parenting & Challenges

Before we think about further, lets ask this fundamental question.
Do we want children? If yes, Why?

We all answer YES for this question and reason may vary from person to person or parent to parent. Some of them are – to complete life, to enjoy childhood by watching children, to be children again and there were some interesting answers like, to enjoy the wealth what we created, to continue the legacy. We all feel fulfilled when we have a child or children.

40 years ago, what were challenges of parents and teachers? you know?

A study revealed some interesting statistics about children and teenagers recently. As shared by teachers and parents, 40 years ago their challenges were – Children used to eat bubble gum in the classrooms. They used to make loud noise while passing through corridors. When teacher turned around, they start their chatterboxes. It was very difficult to handle these challenges. There were only 17 criminal activities for a lakh children. There was only one source of information and that was transistor or radio. 70% of the people used to fight for religion and involve in communal riots.
You know what are today’s challenges after 40 years?

Same study revealed very disturbing statistics about challenges of parents and teachers today.

Teenagers are slipping into addictions like, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and Pre marital sex. Gadgets have ruined their physical activities. More number of adults going into depression for many reasons. Over protecting is adding Fear, Stress, Frustration and desperation in our children and teens.

A group study helped us to discover following common challenges based on age groups which leads to bigger challenges later.

0 – 10years
They don’t go out and play.
Eat junk food
Does not value money or things

10-18 years
Ddon’t come to functions
Addicted to mobiles or gadgets most of the time

18 and above
Addicted to mobiles
Over usage of social media, Internet connection
Arguments with parents or teachers
Disrespect to elders

Grownups have more peculiar problem. If they are in a group of friends, they have to follow everyone in the group and if not, other members don’t respect them or they are kept out of the group and bullied over small things. They don’t express it to anyone.

Above listed are very common challenges of today’s parents and teachers. Is it all wrong? NO. Not at all

How? When physical body is formed and born into this world, 5 senses come to existence. Intelligence starts developing along. Child has to fight within to identify right and wrong after certain time. You must have seen/experienced this – initially, when A child starts to speak, it keeps asking questions as “What is this?” What is that? for everything. So, it is developing the knowledge about the things and understanding is developing about things in this world. When it develops little understanding, it starts asking WHY? questions. You must have seen a child start asking, “Why is it required?” “Why should we do it?” “Why do you do this or that?” at this stage, child tries to differentiate between what is right or what is wrong by using it’s intelligence about any subject and it starts arguing or demand things.

In today’s world, children (they may be of any age) want clear justifications, explanations and respect. It is the impact of the ERA.
So, how do we help them to build a strong personality?
If you have 0-10yr old – Help them to make friends around and play along with them to ensure they get right guidance.

Educate them about ingredients of junk food but set a day in a month to eat out and explain.
Argue less before child/kids.
Make kids experience saving money by giving them rupee per day and put it into piggy banks & make them use that money for their birthday for buying gifts or anything they want. So, they get to feel the importance of saving money.
Make children to serve water or snacks to guests who come home. This way they will slowly start talking to people and develop relationships.
Set time in a day to use gadgets, social media or TV

Important thing to remember, We hear many things but do less. Best example is – Some children go to school for a whole year and score only 35% marks. Do you know why?

Because we all copy actions & listen less, kids keep watching elders, parents, surroundings and environment. They keep learning everything from watching and copy the actions unconsciously.
Parenting is not only teaching. it is learning as well from them. When we teach them anything, we should be doing it for making them confident about following it. Teaching children should never stop, specially from the mother because A MOTHER IS EQUAL TO 10 TEACHERS.

As a parent, our job is to build a good boat and leave it in the ocean to sail. You can’t control them but you can always guide them through your right actions as a navigator.

Let’s enjoy parenthood and create powerful & peaceful humanity.

Sathyanarayan V R
Life coach – Consumax Life Empowering pvt ltd.справка академический отпускотзывноутбук леново ценымонтаж систем водоснабженияwhere is the siberia locatedвузы америки для русскихкотел напольный газовыйсамый дорогой ноутбук в миреДанильченко Юрий Брониславович компроматtopcargo отзывылобановский депутатАлександр Фильчаков прокурорданильченко юрій Харківподбор слов яндексibis moscouгетгудлинкскак выбрать электровелосипедхороший игровой ноутбукэкстремальный туризм в казахстанемтс бесплатные сообщенияsms.ruгруба в частном дометур выходного дня в карпаты из одессы,byfhbev