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How to get the job done from others?

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Topic: How to get the job done from others?

How do you test the patience of a man? There would be many answers. But, leave him with a child and ask him to get the child ready on Monday morning and send him to school.

It so happened on a Monday morning when my wife asked me to get my 3years old son ready and drop him to school within 8.30am.

I started waking him up at 7am and with all the efforts managed to wake him up at 7.45. After this, he started whining about brushing teeth and taking bath. I tried to convince him but in vain, it was already 8am and I am also getting late. Slowly temper was increasing and i shouted angrily on him to get ready. Suddenly, he said, “I don’t want you, I want mamma” and i was shocked. Immediately i realized what was wrong and started telling a story to him and drawing his attention to get the job done. Finally dropped him school at the exact time and i reached office as well.

I was contemplating about this incident and comparing with so many situations that we come across in life where we have to get the job done from others and we fail many times. In-fact, every second we have to get things done by others for us. But, It’s not easy because everyone acts in different ways and the one method will not work with all. And this is the biggest challenge for many business owners.

What is your way of getting the job done from others?

Pay tips, Remind about good things they did/doing, Appreciation, Pleasing, fulfilling their need, helping them in their difficulties…and the list goes on…

Have you asked yourself anytime whether your method is getting the job done everytime?

We must understand that every human being does everything to either add pleasure or avoid pain in life. Many times, people don’t perform poorly even after knowing well about their responsibilities and they will know if they don’t do it today, it will pile up for tomorrow.

Say for example, your maidservant knows that she has to wash clothes and if not washed, she has to take extra burden tomorrow. However, still she doesn’t do it. Seen it happening?

Employees know that they will grow if they perform well but still they don’t do it. Children at home know if they study well, every one will appreciate them. But, still they don’t pay attention.

If you say, you have a manager or supervisor for everything and they will get the job done, it’s better. When we do the analysis about all these factors as a proprietor, we take action immediately and bypass the manager or supervisor who was supposed to be there to get the job done. But, there are times when you have troubles from getting the job done though.

So, what is the best way to make someone work efficiently or be consistent? You must check, if the person is ready to listen because satisfied stomach will never make a man motivated. Before you start to assign a task to anyone, do your homework. Put a small thought process.

I love to share this example from my own experience. I have a company with 42 branches and 5 groups. Of late, i have observed performance drop in 1 sales group and i decided to work with them to bring the performance back.

I called the director of the group for a meeting. I made him feel important and explained about what is expected from director’s position. Then, i called a meeting with sales force and announced a competition. This competition includes flying to goa for a 2 days vacation in company’s expenses. This has really boosted the energy of the sales force. But, still there was a manager reluctant to the changes.

Show people with

This is when i applied all three types of impacts

a. Auditory

b. Visual

C. Experiential feelings

And got the manager excited about the new competition and he was boosted up to be the first one to achieve the target.

People will listen to you and work as you expect when they see something not expected. for ex: a maid is working at a house for a simple reason that they give Health insurance for her entire family for 1 year and renew it at the end of the year. This kept her motivated to work continuously.

Some companies have adopted unique ways of recognizing top performers by giving reserved parking space for a month. out of the box idea.

There are some situations where you have to use stick instead of carrot. For ex: People in your top mgmt levels feel they know everything and they only got the company growing, everything is happening because of them. For these types of people if you show the benefits, they will only get motivated for sometime and forget what they are doing. So, you need to use the STICK method instead of SHOWING CARROT.

But, How do you use the stick? if you use it directly, it will hurt or pains and you will only have to console because you are the boss. So, set the defined processes for every action and responsibility. Ask questions and justifications when it is not achieved. This way, you can define the levels of using stick.

If you want to motivate others, you need to stay hungry. Check if you are still hungry or satisfied. Understand the best way of getting the job done. Analyze if your method is working or you are just trying to please someone not worthy of it. Use the stick method if necessary and make your actions process oriented.

There are so many people who give up because they feel, they can’t get others to work or get the job done. remember; YOU ARE NOT A LOSER UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE GAME.  BE A SELF-MASTER

Share your story if you are benefitted by this knowledge

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