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Out of the box Thinking

Out of the box Thinking

We all are conditioned during our childhood to go forward or run only when we hear the word GO. Even today if you are asked to participate in a race, you will run only after you hear the word GO on the track. let’s check if it is the same case in the real world?

Do you think any company will wait for their competitor to launch the products before they do? NO, everyone is in the race but everyone thinks about how can we launch our new product before the other one does. But, Most of the businessman in small and medium segment get stuck to the old conditioning of waiting for someone to release new product related to their business. You can win any competition only when you are in the presence and foresee what is about to come.

We usually remember only first part and last part of any journey. let’s take an example of a movie. Do you remember the entire movie after coming out of the cinema hall? You will only remember first and last scene of the movie and only intense or exaggerated scenes of the movie. And in business we only talk about “how did i start my business, you know”. How are you running it now is what matters the most, are you ready for the competition or you are still enjoying only the struggle you had to start your business or any big success that you achieved 10 years ago?

It is very important to have competitive spirit and presence of mind to develop any business. And only then, you will have OUT OF THE BOX ideas to implement.

We have some set guidelines or walls built around everything and they are called principles or rules. Inventions happen only when these walls are broken. Look at any invention in today’s world – A mobile can be used for anything and everything today. It was only a device for long distance communication when Grahambell invented telephone. A wheel is evolved to any motor or machine running in the world today.

How to develop out of the box thinking? Let’s say you learn a new technique of convincing a new customer about your product or a service and you got a big order. This is a new learning for you and you will certainly start following this technique in every conversation. isn’t it?

It is just not a new technique of convincing a customer but, it is also a very new addition to your COMMUNICATION SKILL. Now, have you thought about applying this technique in every conversation at home, with your family members, with your friends or in your influential circle of people? because this is a new method you learned to get the job done. Once you start applying this everywhere, you will start feeling more confident and you will develop a belief about this new learning.

A small change gets converted into a belief internally and that is called TRANSFORMATION. It is not easy to either let go of unwanted things or enter new thoughts in to the mind. But, by continuously influencing the mind, it can become a belief and belief will make transformation easy.

Sathyanarayana V R
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