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Marriage & relationship

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Marriage & Relationship

Marriage & Relationship

A question for you, why do we need values?
Values are the measuring scales for standards. Entire humanity is based on emotions and all humans are emotional beings. Values for life will define the way we all lead our lives.

for example, when you started a business, you started alone and then added some people as employees and started to market your product or service and might have given lot of credit or tried to please your employees to work with you and not to quit. At some point of time, you realized the importance of defining guidelines for all the departments and you started implementing them.

Just like, working hours for employees, Credit policy for vendors and customers, Policies for accounts department and so on…isn’t it?
And from the moment you defined all the policies, you saw changes in every activity of the business towards growth path. These policies are nothing but VALUES that you have set.
Now, What is the value of + or – ?

We generally tend to put it as positive and negative, isn’t it? but look at them again. They are just not symbols, they have their own essence and significance.

Can you imagine numbers in your business without adding or subtracting? it’s impossible. We need both of them because you can’t only keep adding everything to business and you can’t keep subtracting from your business.

Same comparison applies to life as well. Man by nature alone has own values whereas woman on the other hand got the same as well. If you look at any husband and wife, they have the same characters of + and -. They both form energy when they come together, but most of the husbands keep complaining about wife and woman complain about husband.

Imagine the life if 2 persons with the same qualities get married, It will get boring very soon and both of them loose interest in each other. If you look at your own life partner, you will find many differences in the way you look at the life and your spouse. This is why, it is said “marriages are made in heaven” by calculating and matching all the qualities of each other.


Marriage is all about adding strength to your life partner. When you know what your life partner’s challenge is, you can support him/her to overcome instead of pointing it out and hurting each other’s emotions. Husband and wife come to know about each other’s true qualities very soon after the marriage. It’s very important to add much needed strength. just ask yourself a question, can you become your life partner’s greatest strength?

If you can, that is the precious gift to your life partner for sharing entire life. Have enough patience in every situation and add strength in bad and even in good times as well.

Sathyanarayana V R
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