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Make a mistake but DON’T repeat

Make a mistake but DON’T repeat

Make a mistake but don't repeat

Make a mistake but don’t repeat

It was an amazing experience at the top of mountain early in the morning. Enjoyed the bliss of the nature and great learning with like minded people.

What do we say when someone makes a mistake and says “Sorry” We all tend to say “It’s Okay” or “No Problem” Isn’t it? YES..

But, What is the problem with it? lets understand this simple psychology of human beings. When we make a blunder and we recognize it for the first time, we say “sorry” and if anyone says “it’s okay, it was not your mistake” we feel so revealed. Over a period of time, it becomes a mindset to think “IT’S OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES because we all are human beings and my mistake is not very big”

You can see this mindset in people violating traffic rules, wasting resources or misbehaving in public or people with rude attitude.

It’s very important to say “Don’t repeat it” when anyone say SORRY for their mistake. And only this will keep ringing in the mind and avoids any mistake in future.

When it comes to business, check if you have made any mistakes and if you did, DON’T REPEAT.
New year is approaching, If you want this new year to be the defining year of your life, check what are the mistakes you did in last year in all the roles like – Personal, Professional, Family or Financial and remember DON’T REPEAT

Or this year will also become just another year like 2013 or 14…choose for yourself.

Sathyanarayana V R
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