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Human Mind always works on what is given to it through 5 senses. So, it’s always what you think and what you give to your mind matters a lot in every action you take followed by results.

Human life & Purification

Human life & Purification

The purest element in the world is SOUL . During the journey of living, Mind keeps getting contaminated through the 5 senses and creates a mask around the soul which decreases the energy of the soul. It will get energized by only timely purification process or we all someday forget the source of energy called SOUL.

for example: If you have a 2 or 4 wheeler vehicle, what happens if you don’t service the vehicle after it’s due time? you keep driving it for thousands of KMs without a service, What happens then? It slowly develops noisy engine, fear of breaking down, weak breaks and you can’t enjoy the ride at all. Like it’s important for a vehicle to be taken care periodically, we must take care of our mind and soul.

There are 10 different types of purifications that can make our lives heavenly and smooth journey.

1. Physical Body is purified by WATER & EXERCISE

We all go through the journey of life in this vehicle called body. It is purified by water & exercise. As we all know, 78% of the earth filled with water and look at the science of human body as well. On an average 72% of the human body filled with fluids and water. All researches and experiments have proven the importance of drinking water. Drinking a ltr of water in the early morning will settle down all chemicals released through digestion and de-toxify the entire body. every cell is rejuvenated and energized for a whole day. If you don’t have the practice, start from today.

Exercise is another form which makes you swet and takes out all toxics from the body.

2. Breathe is purified by PRANAYAM

People living in the city go through many ailments of breathing problems because of increased amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Practice pranayam early in the morning (before 8am) and you will experience the difference. Your eyes will sparkle and skin glows.

3. Mind gets purified by CHANTING & MEDITATION

Mind generates 60 thousand thoughts a day. Chanting will bring the mind to focus & meditation will help to decrease the number of thoughts generated so that peace of mind is attained.

4. Intelligence gets purified by KNOWLEDGE

Intelligence is a natural guiding force or faculty that shows right & wrong (inner voice that always shows what is right). We always have confusion in following natural laws. for ex: Speed is dangerous, there is a contradictory law says what is the use of buying ticket after the train takes off. Many situations present a challenge in choosing what is right. Only RIGHT KNOWLEDGE can help us to choose what is right. So, read more books, seek for knowledge about anything that you want to learn.

5. Memory gets purified by MANAN & CHINTAN

What if there was no concept called memory and we all forget everything after a sleep? Unimaginable isn’t it. But, same memory has to be purified through review and contemplation. Remove unwanted memories of incidents, situations or experiences stored in the mind and release yourself from the clutches of emotions attached to those experiences.

6. EGO gets purified by SEVA/SERVING

We all really feel happy from inside when we serve someone without any expectations. If you feel, you are superior anytime, you will start losing the creative energy and people around you. So, howmuch ever you serve is always less. If you haven’t done it so far, start from home. start serving your own parents or close relatives who care for you.

7. Self gets purified by SILENCE.

When the mind is silent, it starts becoming more powerful and focused about taking next action for making lives better. Practice being silent at least an hour every day and you can see the difference.


It always matter how the food is cooked. You may have eaten food in many places but you will feel fulfilled only with the home made food because with all the ingredients an essential aroma is added to the food called LOVE. When mother/granny/wife/sister cooks the food, they add their feeling and love to the food which makes it special.

9. Wealth is purified by DONATING / GIVING

As wealth gets accumulated, it brings great amount of fear as well for many people. This fear comes only when the person feels “I have money which is not mine or which i don’t deserve”. People who become wealthy by hard efforts will never feel scared of wealth.

10. FEELINGS / BHAV is purified by LOVE

Unconditional love is the only way of purifying the feelings about anyone in this world. Anything we have today was not with us when we were not born. Start LOVING every one who comes into your life and you will not have enmity with anyone in this world and it purifies your feelings about everything and everyone.



Sathyanarayana V. R.

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Money Mantra

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Topic: Money mantra

A question for all – In every business, there is an employee who works without asking for salary, increment, loan or leave but ready to work for 24 hours to make you rich. Who is it? Imagine that you get employees like that for your business, how would it be? Most of the Businessmen say – It is ME. is it true?


Money mantra

Money mantra

If you have answered as “yourself”, it is wrong because we all have limitations. After a certain extent, you will take a break. After earning some wealth, you will relax. Emotions keep going up and down and you work based on mood some times. Isn’t it? THEN WHO IS THIS EMPLOYEE?

It is no other than “MONEY”. YES, this is the only employee who doesn’t need anything from you. Doesn’t expect you to do anything in return for the work. This efficient employee needs only 2 things 1. Direction and 2. Guidance

If you have understood this, you would achieve financial freedom. Direction to the money is very important as how to grow and Guidance will make right utilization of the money. Most of us never define the directions or guidance for this wonderful employee so struggle to keep him with us.

Let’s ask some of the fundamental questions to ourselves to understand more about adding directions and guidance to the money because that is what defines our true life.


We all know money needed for everything; it is a basic need to lead life. We also know, nothing can happen without money. These are general statements about money. But, have you asked yourself anytime, “WHY DO I NEED MONEY?” as we don’t define the purpose for which we need to earn money, we keep working as a routine and not to achieve the objective.


Mostly, answer to this question is going to be – UNLIMITED. Isn’t it? This is again being very general statement and mind never conceive the idea about how much do i need. You will not acknowledge your success even after arriving at a certain stage of earning wealth. Or it will be the other way around as well, a philosophy like – Too much money is bad and you keep thinking that you can start earning big money any time. Set exactly defined number, be it crores or multi billions.


When you have defined above questions, you can think of helping others and good deeds after you surpass your set target. Make yourself rich enough to help needy people because anything you earn above your expected targets is going to be like bonus and you can truly enjoy the life by making others life happier.

Helping others or giving money to someone in need will not only make you happy but it will create good environment in the society. Ask yourself, what is the benefit if the society is good? Our next generations can like in safe conditions because of helping each other and this is the biggest gift we can give to society.

There are 4 sources or earning money.

1. Employee: being an employee, you trade your hours for salary or remuneration

2. Self-Employed: All professionals who work alone and get all the profits for the effort. However, they will have a limitation of working alone and if they don’t work, money won’t come.

3. Businessman: Any professionals add more people to support the business and multiply the income.

4. Investor: Any individual who make his money earn more money.

You can become an INVESTOR with any combination, which can make you earn residual income. Do analysis of your income sources and become an investor.

Don’t trade your entire life only to earn money. Make money an efficient employee working for you and give him proper directions and guidance So that you can live life and add more to it.

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Sathyanarayana V R

Life Coach – Consumax Life Empowering Pvt Ltd.протокол заседания фрсплоский расширительный бак для отопленияssd вместо привода ноутбукастратегии для бинарных опционов видеомежкомнатные двери матадор лирагидроаккумулятор 50 лhuawei tablet reviewнасос pedrollotopcargoданильченко юрій броніславовичФильчаков прокурорДанильченко Юрий Брониславович Харьковмагазин сайтовhtc.taobao.uaтеле2 магнитогорскнетбуки обзор ценыкарп зуммощный и недорогой ноутбукавтошинымаленький ноутбук купитьмакияж в арабском стилеэтапы лечения периодонтитакарповые