Turning Point

Turning point

Turning point

All of us will have a turning point in any journey and let’s talk about a turning point in life’s journey.

What is the maximum a teenager can achieve at the age of 14 or 16. He/she can be a good student, a very good athlete, champion in sports, a gold medal winner. However, a girl became world famous and noble peace prizewinner at the age of 14. Incredible! let’s see what really made her to a Noble prize winner. What was the turning point made an ordinary girl to a world famous personality?

Malala Yousufzai, a girl wrote a blog to BBC urdu describing how Taliban has taken over rights of women for education, music or any other activities in Pakistan. She was told to write a blog with pseudonym to hide identity. She was shot 3 bullets by a Taliban gunman while returning from her school. But, she fought with death & she was treated by doctors in England who brought her back to life.

Everyone has the divine power and that comes out only through a turning point. One turning point can change the direction of entire life and Malala’s story is a living example. It was a life-risking situation and no one wanted to write anything against Taliban. If she had not shown the courage to write the blog, then she would not have become a person known worldwide. She caught the turning point and continued with it.

Ravindra Jadeja, a famous cricketer who had a TURNING POINT when he was 16. His mother died in a road accident and the trauma almost made him to quit cricket but, his sister motivated him to withstand the difficulties. Today, chennai super kings team bought him for a whopping 10cr to play in IPL.

I love to share one of the recent turning points in my life as well. I saw a post of FB about completion of marathon running and I called him to congratulate about this success. I just got curious and asked few more details about marathon. He explained everything involved in marathon running to me. This was the turning point, which i caught and registered for the forth-coming marathon. My life partner joined me as well. We started practicing and running everyday and in less than 4 months, We participated in couple of half marathon and TCS 21k marathon in last week and we are participating in more to come.

Turning Point - marathon

Many people take a U turn at the turning point of after travelling for a short distance. It can be a new skill that you started learning and you feel you can’t do it anymore. You start going to the gym for some time and you feel why it is required right now, I am healthy anyway or you started a business by resigning your job and you start fearing of loss or financial difficulties. You must have also heard many people talk about past glory of another person like “his family was very rich, but they have lost everything now” or “he was a powerful man in the village but he always cribs about everything now” or “he was a good sportsman but now he is suffering from all diseases”. all these are some of the examples of people catching the turning point but took a U turn in a short time.

Why people take U turn after growing for some extent? It is because they don’t create a right ecosystem around. it’s very important to create ecosystem for continuous support.

What is ecosystem and why is it required? ecosystem is an environment or support system which work together. for example, If you don’t create right culture in your team, they will not help you grow your business or organization. If your parents, spouse and children do not support then you can’t be peaceful at work. If your health does not support you then your mind will not work with the body. And if you don’t have likeminded people around, you will develop the tendency to let go good things. In all these situations, your environment is not working together and you will experience the missing feeling.

Check what is your turning point in life, If you see one now, don’t let it go. Work on it because, everyone has the divine power and that comes out only through a turning point. One turning point can change the direction of entire life.

Create a right ecosystem that supports you to remain growth oriented and effective human being.



Sathyanarayan V R

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